How It Works

Sight-saving surgery

Discover how a simple surgical procedure can help restore someone’s vision with Sightsavers

How to save a life

We find out how trauma team responds when the red phone rings…

What’s So Addictive About Coffee?

Most of us will start our day in the office with a hot cup of coffee before we even consider getting around to rolling our sleeves up and digging into our emails. It is estimated that about 83 percent of … Continued

Drilling for oil offshore

The world produces over 82 million barrels of oil every day, much of it in harsh conditions, miles from shore and safety if an emergency happens. So how is it done? Oil has been around for millions of years, located … Continued

How many cells do you have?

    For more tech news, pick up your copy of issue 99 from all good retailers or from our website now. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can also download the digital version onto your iOS or … Continued

The Apollo Program

The Apollo Program The trailblazing NASA missions that took us to the Moon In the late 1950s, the US and the Soviet Union were racing to reach a major milestone in spaceflight: put humans on the Moon then return them … Continued

6 Popular Science Myths – Busted

Science myths have been around for a long time. With modern technology meaning that we can exchange information so fast, it is surprising that many of them still circulate today.

Nature’s Top 5 Weirdest Defence Mechanisms

Defence mechanisms are the ways in which animals have evolved to protect themselves against danger. There are many ways they can do this – camouflage like a snake or playing dead like an opossum. Here are the top five of the strangest defence mechanisms nature has to offer!

Regenerating skin without scarring

The end of scars?

How a scientific breakthrough could help make the body regenerate like new in the future

Can we bring cells back to life?

Bringing cells back to life

Read the story of one company who is trying to make limb regeneration and reanimation a possibility

What is plasma?

Discover the highly energised matter that powers life on Earth.