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Could we build a real life Westworld?

Westworld is one of the most exciting science fiction series television has ever seen, but could we ever experience it for real in our lifetime?

Next-gen airplane cabins

How aeroplane seats are being upgraded to be comfier, more spacious and energy efficient. With long-haul flights often a necessity for business and leisure, passenger comfort is becoming more important than ever. The AirGo economy seat is an award-winning concept … Continued

Product review: Pyrnt Pocket

Prynt Pocket is bringing back the fun of printing instant pictures but with a modern twist. Back in 1948, the first instant camera hit the shelves when Polaroid released Land Camera Model 95. Since then the instant camera has evolved … Continued

Heros of Technology: Ada Lovelace

The daughter of a romantic poet and occasional freedom fighter, Ada Lovelace had a famous but absent father. She never knew Lord Byron, as just weeks after her birth in 1815, he divorced her mother Isabella Milbanke Byron and left … Continued

Oscar: Making A Winner

Oscar first graced the award podium on May 16 1929 at the first Academy Awards ceremony. Since it’s debut performance, over 3,000 of the golden statuettes have been placed in the trembling hands of its winners. The current prestigious statuette … Continued

The Banana Phone is Back!

Following the success of the Nokia 3310 re-launch last year, Nokia are reviving another classic. From its original release in 1996, the Nokia 8110 has been peeled apart and reformed for the next generation. Its iconic curved banana shape has … Continued

After you… Meet the robot holding open doors

Meet SpotMini, the four legged robot that is making the rounds on social media because of its chivalrous behaviour. @BostonDynamics Created by Boston Dynamics, these Lassie sized robots weigh around 30kg and can run around from around 90 minutes before needing … Continued

New Algorithm to Identify Vulnerable People in Natural Disasters

A new algorithm has been developed by the University of Waterloo to assist first responders and home care providers in helping the elderly during natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornados, and floods. The development comes after a World Health Organization … Continued

The Apollo Program

The Apollo Program The trailblazing NASA missions that took us to the Moon In the late 1950s, the US and the Soviet Union were racing to reach a major milestone in spaceflight: put humans on the Moon then return them … Continued