Wish List: Gardening gadgets 2021

© Worx

Landroid robotic lawn mower

Bringing lawn mowing into the 21st century, the Landroid by Worx is showing how robotic autonomy can help you out in the garden. Much like the indoor Roomba vacuum, the Landroid uses a wireless connection to navigate your lawn with ease. With built-in ultrasonic sensors, this self-driving robot detects the array of obstacles and narrow turns in your garden. Landroid also learns on the job, calculating the area of your lawn, your grass’ growth rate and soil composition for intelligent mowing.   


Smart Rain Gauge

If you’ve been guilty of overwatering your plants then the Smart Rain Gauge by Netatmo may be the product for you. Simply placed into your lawn, this high-tech rainfall gauge provides real-time readings on rainfall data and precipitation levels straight to your smartphone. This enables you to know how much water your garden has had before you reach for the watering can.

© green feathers

WiFi Bird Box Camera

One of the joys of having a wildlife-friendly garden is witnessing the animal visitors that take advantage of it. However, getting an up-close view can be hard to achieve, especially when watching birds. With the WiFi Bird Box Camera by Green Feathers, you can now get a front-row seat to your garden wildlife. Simply mount the camera onto a bird box and stream live footage straight to your smartphone and make recordings to share with the whole family.

© Gardena

Gardena smart sensor control set

Paired with your smartphone, this high-tech irrigation system takes the hassle out of watering your garden. Set up to six watering cycles per day to keep your plant life hydrated while you’re away from home. With the accompanying smart sensor you can monitor your garden’s soil moisture, temperature, light intensity and receive frost alerts straight to your smartphone through the Gardena app, available for iOS and Android. 

©Smart Cara

Smart Cara CS-10

One of the best ways to feed your garden is with a nutritious meal of compost. Garden composters are typically large wooden structures in which household food waste is left over time to mulch down into the perfect fertiliser, a process which can take months or even years. However, the Smart Cara has been created to turn food scraps into plant food in only three to four hours. Simply place the waste into the countertop drum and the Smart Cara will dehydrate and pulverise it into a powder to be sprinkled on your flowerbeds.

© WheelEasy


If you’re a keen gardener and spend a lot of time lifting heavily rubble and garden waste in metal wheelbarrows, the WheelEasy™ by Allsop Home and Garden might be a welcome addition to your gardening equipment. By simply dropping the handles on the ground, the collapsible heavy-duty nylon cart falls to the floor for ground-level loading. Simply pick up the handles and carry your garden waste away.

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