Wish List: Home office gadgets 2021

© ember

Ember Mug2

We’ve all made a cup of tea or coffee, sat down to work and 20 minutes later realised that we haven’t taken a sip of the now-cold beverage. With the Ember Mug2, reaching for your drink will never again leave you disappointed thanks to its built-in heating system. Using the companion app, set your personal temperature preference so this high-tech mug can maintain it for up to 1.5 hours. Easy to clean and submersible up to one metre, this mug is a great addition to your home office.

© nanoleaf

Nanoleaf light panels

Brighten up your home office with these high-tech lighting panels by Nanoleaf. Using the companion app, this interactive light system allows you to change the colour of each panel at the touch of a button or select one of the pre-programmed themes. Nanoleaf is compatible with other smart home devices such as Alexa and Google Home for voice-activated control.

© Canon


Take your office on the road with this wireless battery-powered portable printer by Canon. This compact printer is a great addition to any home office, and thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery can print up to 330 pages on a single charge for those coffee shop work sessions. The PIXMA also boasts WiFi connectivity to print straight from your smartphone, but if you find yourself without internet access it is also equipped with a direct connection to fit to your devices.

© Jabra

Evolve2 65

Block out the noise of a busy household with these sound-cancelling headphones by Jabra. The Evolve2 65 not only offer great sound quality for listening to your favourite music, but with their comfortable design and professional microphone, taking work calls is a breeze. These wireless headphones are Bluetooth enabled and boast a battery life of around 37 hours with a single charge.

© AirBar


Transform your laptop into a touchscreen device with the AirBar. Compatible with Windows 10 notebooks and Apple MacBooks, the AirBar connects to your laptop magnetically without the need for installation. The AirBar allows you to completely change the way your computers works, such as scrolling through documents, flipping through browsers and pinching to zoom in, all without touching your trackpad.

© evaCHILL


If you’re feeling the heat from working from home during summer, then air coolers such as the evaCHILL by evapolar are a great way to create the perfect working environment for you. Lightweight and portable, this personal air cooler uses a combination of a traditional office fan and a water-drenched filter to blow out cool air. As warm air is pulled from the outside by the fan it passes through the filters and cools down in what is known as evaporation cooling.

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