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Top Five Facts: Christmas

Those festive times are only just around the corner, so make sure you’ve got a few brilliant facts lined up to impress friends and relatives

How do we know dinosaurs have feathers?

It turns out that fossils have preserved much more than just bone structure   Most of us have been captivated by the idea of dinosaurs since childhood. Among their numbers stood veracious hunters, towering...

History’s most gruesome inventions

From brutal torture devices to bizarre medical treatments, these terrifying contraptions reveal a darker side of innovation From the wheel to the World Wide Web, we have invented some truly ground-breaking things during our...

Gruesome Victorian Surgery

  Being a surgeon or patient in the late 1800s was not for the faint-hearted The Victorian era has been romanticised surgeon would often perform the procedure in a packed operating theatre, full of students...

Meet the Carnotaurus: the dinosaur with tiny arms

The Carnotaurus once stalked across the land with its bright, beady eyes, box-shaped head and distinctive bull-like horns. The Carnotaurus’ most distinctive feature, however, is its comical – and probably useless – tiny arms.