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History’s most gruesome inventions

From brutal torture devices to bizarre medical treatments, these terrifying contraptions reveal a darker side of innovation From the wheel to the World Wide Web, we have invented some truly ground-breaking things during our...

Gruesome Victorian Surgery

  Being a surgeon or patient in the late 1800s was not for the faint-hearted The Victorian era has been romanticised surgeon would often perform the procedure in a packed operating theatre, full of students...

Meet the Carnotaurus: the dinosaur with tiny arms

The Carnotaurus once stalked across the land with its bright, beady eyes, box-shaped head and distinctive bull-like horns. The Carnotaurus’ most distinctive feature, however, is its comical – and probably useless – tiny arms.

9 Record-breaking royals

Meet the richest, deadliest and longest-lived monarchs and find out who has the most wives, most money and the most heirs