Top 5 Facts: Rainforest

1) Percentage power

Scientists believe up to 75 per cent of the Earth’s species are indigenous to the rainforests. Despite this stunning figure, it is also postulated that millions have yet to be discovered.

2) Parrots-et-em-all

The rainforests are also home to a large number of plants from which modern medicines are derived. These include, among others, remedies for fever and burns.

3) Small waistline

Despite the wide diversity of plant and animal life, tropical rainforests only appear in a relatively narrow band around the Earth’s equator. This band is called the monsoon trough.

4) Anybody out there?

Despite man’s encroachment on the rainforests there are still thought to be over 40 uncontacted indigenous tribes living in them, notably in Brazil and New Guinea.

5) Total wipeout

With deforestation rampant, many of the Earth’s rainforests are being cut down. Over 90 per cent of West Africa’s rainforest has been destroyed so far.

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