5 facts about electric aeroplanes

(Image credit: Alec Wilson/ Wikimedia Commons)

1. Flying locally

There is a big demand for small electric planes: 2 billion tickets are sold each year for flights shorter than 800 kilometres.

2. Centuries of progress

Although the use of electric-powered aircraft is on the rise, the invention is not new. This type of flight was first tested in the 1800s.

3. Limited distance

It may be a long wait before you can fly from the UK to Australia, electrically. The current drawback
in e-aircraft advancement is its use for long-haul flights. This is due to aircraft size.

4. The damage of flying

The emissions per person on a non-electric flight from London to New York is roughly the same as a person in Europe heating their home for a year.

5. A more comfortable journey

Switching to electric planes has advantages for passengers. Cheaper tickets, quieter travel and speedier climbs all come as a result of electric engines.


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