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NASA completes flights to survey Arctic ice

Operation IceBridge is NASA’s biggest mission has been monitoring changes in polar ice across the western basin of the Arctic Ocean and Greenlands fastest-melting glaciers. The spring mapping survey started on March 22 and has just ended on May 2. … Continued

Jurassic fossil is the missing link in crocodile family tree

Scientists have long known the ancient seas of our Earth were home to unusual dolphin-like animals that evolved from crocodiles, but it wasn’t until the discovery of a 180 million-year-old fossil that researchers have been able to really understand their … Continued

Baby reef fish inheriting tolerance to warming oceans

Our climate is changing rapidly, and human activity is causing this change to happen even faster. We know that it is already having a devastating impact on animal populations. But there is hope for some species who have shown an … Continued

Heros of Technology: Ada Lovelace

The daughter of a romantic poet and occasional freedom fighter, Ada Lovelace had a famous but absent father. She never knew Lord Byron, as just weeks after her birth in 1815, he divorced her mother Isabella Milbanke Byron and left … Continued

Take a look inside the Lagoon Nebula

A new video released by NASA takes you on a journey through the stellar nursery that is the Lagoon nebula.   The images that make up the video were taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The Lagoon Nebula resides 4,000 … Continued

Nomadic ocean community have genetic adaptions

The nomadic Bajau Laut of Southeast Asia live a remarkable life. The seafaring community live on the ocean, trading and fishing, spending up to 60% of their working lives in the water. Their free-diving abilities are impressive, with the deepest … Continued