Which body part is last to stop growing or developing?

(Image credit: Myriams-Fotos/Pixabay)

Question from James Dark

Many consider the end of puberty to be the point of full development, but in actuality the body continues to change throughout life. In fact, some body parts never stop growing, and are therefore the last to stop developing. Internal organs such as the brain are forever developing with the intake of new information and fluctuating conditions inside the body.

Aside from the likes of hair and nails – which can continue growing for a short time after death – there are really only two external body parts that grow in size for the rest of your life. These are your ears and your nose. Both made of soft tissue and cartilage, some scientists believe the cartilage cells are able to multiply for longer, while others suspect the long-term pull of gravity to assist this growth.

Answered  for Brain Dump in How It Works issue 140.

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