Head 2 Head: Hot Springs

Credit: Milla Zinkova

3. Hot

Grand Prismatic Spring

The famous Yellowstone Park hydrotherm has a bathwater outer edge, between 30-40 Celsius

2. Hotter

Frying Pan lake

Edge temperatures of the biggest hot spring in the world reach around 50 Celsius (86 – 104F).

3. Hottest

Boiling Lake

Dominica’s World Heritage site has a flooded fumarole that can hit 92 Celcius (197.6 Farenheit) at its outer edge.

Gecko-inspired gloves let you scale walls of glass

Being able to scale walls like Spider-Man has just gone from being comic-book fiction to an exciting reality. A newly developed synthetic adhesion system inspired by geckos has been created and tested, enabling a 70-kilogram (154-pound) human to scale a 3.6-metre (12-foot) pane … Continued