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Looking for a really easy way to get hold of the latest issue of How It Works? Well, the magazine that’s bursting with fascinating facts and amazing answers is now within How It Works digital frenzyeasy reach of your iPad, Android phone or portable device.

Single issues and subscriptions are available as downloadable digital magazines on iTunes, Apple Newsstand, Android, Zinio and more via, and the new portal has a digital edition of How It Works magazine in almost any portable format.

Check out the latest digital issue of How It Works today!

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  • Zafar Ahmad

    I am a subscriber of How It Works. How about a PDF Version that I can use on my windows mobile and Android for my kids.


  • Steve

    Downloaded this App and unless I’m mistaken and am doing something wrong it looks like I have to subscribe to the eletronic version as well if I want to view this mag on my iPhone or iPad ? !
    How about allowing free download to present subscribers as Focus magazine do ?
    Otherwise a great Mag though :o )

  • Dave

    I agree with steves comment it would be nice to get a free iPad copy along with my hard copy subscription.
    Ps love the mag

  • Andrew

    I too am a subscriber and wonder if the digital magazines should be made free to subscribers.

  • Chayne

    Would be really nice to be able to get current and past digital copies of the mag that i have already received via my subscription

  • Jenny

    Great app but when is it coming to Android/