Top 5 Facts: The life and times of Sir Isaac Newton

1. Biblical
Despite Newton’s great scientific achievements, he actually wrote more on biblical hermeneutics and occult studies than science. He was a lifelong, if unorthodox, Christian.

2. Knighthood
Newton was only the second scientist in history to be knighted, which he was awarded in 1705. His coat of arms was a shield with two crossed shinbones.

3. Minted
Newton was warden of the Royal Mint during the Great Recoinage of 1696. During his time at the Royal Mint he successfully prosecuted 28 forgers for creating illegal currency.

4. Apocalypse
In 1704 Newton attempted to glean scientific information from the Bible. From what he extracted from the religious text he predicted that the end of the world would come no earlier than 2060.

5. Mercury
After Newton’s death in 1727 his hair was found to contain high levels of mercury, indicating he had suffered mercury poisoning.

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