A smog free future

Smog is a problem. The burning of dirty fossil fuels in cities from both cars and factories has caused air pollution to rise. The threat is at its greatest in newly industrialising countries who tend to burn cheaper and dirtier fuels. There are many ways to combat the threat of air pollution with cycling and walking to work everyday rather than driving is just some practical ways. But what if rather than decreasing the amount of pollution we belch out from chimneys and exhausts, there was something that just cleaned the air itself? This is where a new invention called the Smog Free Tower comes in. Part of Studio Roosegarde‘s Smog Free Project, it is promising big things. Here’s the low down:


smog tower

How does it work?

Described as the largest portable air purifier in the world, the Smog Free Tower stands a mighty seven metres high. Its built in cleaning system takes in up to 75 per cent of the smog particles in the surrounding area and then releases a bubble of clean air in its place. Its creators claim that the tower will be able to clean 30,000 cubic metres of air per hour with a 360-degree coverage. It does this using ozone-free ion technology that draws the smog particles into the tower. All this for the use of only a tiny bit of electricty that can be provided by renewable clean sources anyway.

What’s its status?

The project had a successful pilot in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and subsequently embarked on a garnd tour across the globe. It has stood in Beijing since 29 September 2016.


smog tower

The tower is currently standing in Beijing


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