Apple Watch & other wearable tech explained in issue 71 of How It Works

The hotly anticipated Apple Watch will go on sale on 24 April 2015 and so in preparation of its release we’re giving you the low-down on its inner workings. In issue 71 of How It Works, we reveal how this clever accessory will be able to monitor your heart rate, detect your movement, pay for your shopping and even unlock your hotel room, plus we take a look at some of the other exciting wearable devices on the market.

Also inside:

  • We uncover 25 amazing facts you never knew about gravity. Did you know you weigh three times more on Earth than you would on Mars? Yet another great reason for us to visit!
  • Speaking of the Red Planet, we also reveal the preparations being made to get us there and how we could make our new home more habitable.
  • Ever wondered how the skies above us are kept safe? We visited an air traffic control centre to find out how they deal with the thousands of flights passing through UK airspace every day.
  • Dive into the oceans to discover why coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet and learn about the weird and wonderful creatures that call them home.
  • The mystery of Easter Island is revealed as we explore who built those giant stone heads and why.
  • Find out about the innovative technology that powers Professor Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair.
  • Learn how calories are calculated to work out the energy content of your food.
  • Driver and driverless cars go up against each other as we look under the hood of the Audi RS7.
  • Global Eye: Take a look inside the incredible blue ice caves of Iceland and find out about our fantastic new Great Days Out app!
  • Interviewed: We chat to Top Gear‘s Richard Hammond about the science of stupid and the latest car tech.
  • Reviewed: We test out the latest gaming accessories and fitness trackers.
  • How To: Learn how you can build a rubber-band car and fit an egg inside a bottle.
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why is laughter contagious? And how far can an owl’s head turn?

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How It Works Issue 71