Brian Cox interview – exclusive snippet

We thought we’d treat the regular How It Works Daily users to an exclusive sneaky peek at one of the questions from next issue’s exciting interview with Professor Brian Cox. We asked him to tell us about his latest series for BBC 2, Wonders Of The Solar System…

24 Brian rainbow1

Professor Brian Cox: Wonders is a documentary about astronomy and physics. Since the BBC last made a documentary series about the solar system a decade ago, we have lived through what I believe is something of a golden age of exploration. We’ve confirmed that there was once water on Mars, and have seen evidence that there may still be liquid water beneath the Martian surface today. We are now virtually certain that Jupiter’s moon Europa has a liquid water ocean beneath its icy crust that is perhaps 100km deep, and therefore contains more water than all the oceans of Earth. We’ve seen fountains of ice erupting from Saturn’s tiny moon Enceladus, and parachuted to the surface of the giant moon Titan, on which we have discovered lakes of liquid methane, methane snow and methane rain.

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Images courtesy of the BBC