Celebrate 100 years of tanks with How It Works Issue 85

The concept of the tank has existed for almost as long as mankind has waged war, but 100 years ago these armoured weapons became a reality. From the Mark I that ended the stalemate of World War I trench warfare to the Challenger 2 used by the British Army today, Issue 85 of How It Works examines how armoured battle has evolved since tanks rolled onto the scene. Plus, we take a look at the tanks of the future and the modern technology that could revolutionise combat in the years to come.

Also inside this issue:

  • The art of car aerodynamics: How vehicle shape boosts performance
  • How to live beyond 100: The latest research pushing the limits of human life
  • 60 second science: Learn the basics of respiration
  • The science of spirits: Behind the scenes of an alcohol distillery
  • Radioactive dating: How do scientists use Earth’s rocks to measure time?
  • BBQ science: The physics, chemistry and biology behind the perfect burger
  • Incredible voyages and the secrets of survival: The story of some of the most death-defying journeys ever taken
  • Interview: The world’s greatest living explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes reveals his most difficult journeys
  • How to build an island: Incredible island megastructures and the ingenious engineering behind them
How to build an island - How It Works Issue 85

How to build an island – How It Works Issue 85

  • Firefighting tech: The cutting-edge tools helping to battle blazes and save lives
  • How are products tested? The checks that ensure your gadgets are safe
  • Inkjet printers: Inside the devices that print with microscopic precision
  • How to save the world: The incredible science and tech that will save our planet
  • Life cycle of a frog: How a cluster of cells turns into a hopping amphibian
  • A traveller’s guide to the solar system: The must-see sights for future space tourists
  • Life inside a Victorian workhouse: The grim setting for society’s poor
Life in the Victorian workhouse - How It Works Issue 85

Life in the Victorian workhouse – How It Works Issue 85

  • Ancient Greek theatre: Uncover the civilisation that invented the play
  • Global Eye: Check out the hoverboard you can actually buy and get to grips with the debate on military robots
  • Book reviews: Our verdict on the latest science reads
  • How To: Discover how to improve your home Wi-Fi signal and make your own bath bombs
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including do penguins get cold feet? And why can’t humans hibernate?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works issue 85 'Tanks - 100 years of warfare'

How It Works Issue 85 ‘Tanks – 100 years of warfare’