Desert island survival

On this day in 1976 The Seychelles, a chain of small islands, joined the United Nations. More and more places are now part of human globalisation, but what about the places that don’t even have people there? Here’s five things to remember if you get marooned on a desert island:

1. Salvage everything you can
Take whatever you can from the wreckage of your plane or boat. It is essential you use your ingenuity to create tools you need from everyday items. Any clothing material could be used as shelter or to bandage wounds while any sharp edges you find can be used as a tool or even a weapon.

2. Make a fire
Perhaps the most important thing of all. Fire provides a source of heat, a way to signal for help, protection from wild animals and the elements, and a way to cook food and provide fresh water. If you’ve misplaced your lighter, other methods are available as explained here.

3. Find water whatever the cost
If you don’t locate a source of water as soon as you can, the battle with nature will quickly be lost, especially in a hot desert island climate. Look for small inland pools of freshwater and boil the water over your fire to make it sterile and safe to drink. Also make use of any thunderstorms! Another way is creating a solar still, which is explaind here

4. Shelter
Desert islands are open to the elements, so shelter is a must. Use reeds and plants to create a basic bed for yourself. Make sure the bed is lifted off the ground to protect from insect bites and stings. A hammock is an ideal bed but if this is not doable, suspend a sheet over some logs.

5. Find food
Acs soon as you start to lose energy, your work becomes harder and harder. Food can come in many shapes and sizes. The sea is a great resource and setting out any sort of net is ideal to trap fish for supper. Also, trawl the coastline to look for oysters and mussels. The equipment from earlier will come in good use as a hook or spear. Be wary of fruit as some may be poisonous. To check if they are edible, use this simple measure.

If all these steps are adhered to, survival may just be that much easier. Happy surviving!