Discover real-life gadget-packed Bond cars in How It Works Issue 79

James Bond isn’t the only person who needs a tricked-out, bulletproof car to help him escape the bad guys. Many celebrities, rich businessmen and of course political leaders need armoured vehicles to protect them against potential threats too. In Issue 79 of How It Works, we reveal how everyday cars are transformed into four-wheeled fortresses equipped with bulletproof glass, run-flat tyres and countless other safety features, as well taking a closer look at Bond’s new wheels; the Aston Martin DB10.

Also in this issue:

  • Robot Wars: Check out the giant mechanical monsters that can fight to the death
  • The Galapagos Islands: Explore the special islands that changed our natural history forever
  • De-extinction: The scientific secrets behind bringing extinct creatures back to life
De-extinction How It Works Issue 79

Discover how to bring animals back from the dead in How It Works Issue 79

  • Out-of-this-world space facts: Find out why the Moon is shrinking and the Milky Way taste like raspberries
  • Raleigh’s new Roker Race: Discover the latest bike in Raleigh’s Gravel Road series
  • Cabin air systems: Find out how aircraft air is circulated to hundreds of passengers
  • How old is your body?: Discover which of your organs are only days old
  • Science under the microscope: Take a look at the incredible close up images of he hidden world around us
  • An alien landscape on Earth: Explore the bizarre acid lakes of the Dallol volcano
  • Space rocks: The ultimate guide to planet killers, comets meteors and more
  • The future of food: Why you’ll soon be eating lab-grown burgers, 3D printed pizzas and insects
The future of food in How It Works Issue 79

Discover how lab-grown burgers are made in How It Works Issue 79

  • Native American tipis: Discover how these eco mobile homes were fit for wind, rain and snow
  • How to shoot a longbow: Learn how to wield one of the deadliest medieval weapons
  • The Gunpowder plot: Discover England’s most famous terrorist plot that never happened
  • Interviewed: Ahead of National Geographic’s new Breakthrough series, we speak to neuroscientist Professor Henrik Ehrsson about what makes us human
  • Global Eye: Discover how NASA found water on Mars and take a look at the 3D printer that can build houses
  • Wish List: Our round up of the best car gadgets that can enhance your driving experience
  • How To: Learn how to build your own robot and make invisible ink
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including how much does the sky weigh? And why are there seven days in a week?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works Issue 79 cover

How It Works Issue 79 –
Real-life Bond cars