Discover the world of tomorrow in How It Works Issue 67

How It Works Issue 67 is on sale now, and inside you’ll discover the incredible world we could soon all be living in.

How It Works Issue 67 World Of Tomorrow coverFrom high-tech cities with solar-powered trees and vertical farms, to flying cars that will let you soar above gridlocked roads, this futuristic world is not as far away as you might think!

Also in this issue, discover the incredible power of one of the world’s most devastating natural hazards; earthquakes. Find out how pieces of the Earth’s crust are shifting and colliding, and the new methods being used to predict and prepare for the next big quake.

Anatomy of an earthquake spread from How It Works Issue 67That’s not all, though. Issue 67 also shows you exactly how a car is made, taking you along the assembly line of the Ford factory in Cologne, Germany. You can also learn about the framework of your own body with a complete guide to the human skeleton, plus find out exactly what happens to your files when you upload them to the cloud.

Illustration of the human skeleton from How It Works Issue 67 In this jam-packed issue, we also take you on a tour of the Moon, showing how it first formed, its various phases and how we have been exploring it throughout history.

If prehistoric predators are more your thing, then you’re going to love our 10 deadliest dinosaurs feature, pitting these magnificent and fierce beasts against each other in the ultimate game of Top Trumps.

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