Exclusive Professor Brian Cox Interview

Issue 7 of How It Works features an incredible two-page interview with everyone’s favourite particle physicist.


The inimitable Brian Cox is a highly intelligent particle physicist and yet he’s also a hugely popular household name. Very few personalities successfully cross the border between the scholarly world of academia and the popular arena of mainstream entertainment, but Cox manages it with a natural charm and eminently listenable style.

When issue 7 of How It Works hits shops on 22 April, inside you’ll find an eye-opening two-page interview with the intrepid professor. We got the opportunity to ask where his passion for science stems from as well as finding out more about his current BBC series, the phenomenal Wonders Of The Solar System. We also asked Brian to share his personal observations of the solar system as well as revealing what it really felt like to take a trip to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere in the amazing English Electric Lightning craft.

Don’t miss Professor Brian Cox in the next issue of How It Works.

Images courtesy of the BBC