Find out how humans conquered the planet in How It Works Issue 81

In our brief 200,000 years on Earth, Homo sapiens – unlike any of the human species before us – have managed to colonise the entire globe. But we were not the first to venture beyond Africa. Some of our ancestors took those initial steps at least 1.8 million years ago. In Issue 81 of How It Works, you can discover the amazing story of how we evolved and went on to conquer the planet, as well as meet the other ancient members of the Homo genus.

The Homo genus

The Homo genus

Also in this issue:

  • The search for alien life: How the ground-breaking search for life could prove we’re not alone
  • Your guide to the elements: Discover the chemical building blocks that make up life, the universe and everything
  • Inside the liver and pancreas: How do these vital organs work together to digest food?
  • 60 second science – Archimedes’ principle: Find out why boats float on water
  • High-tech toys: Uncover the tech that brings the latest must-have gadgets to life
  • How to tunnel through anything: Discover how tunnel-boring machines tear apart rock and slice through soil
  • Extreme oceans: Counting down the deepest, deadliest, stormiest and downright most hostile environments on Earth
  • The diversity of dogs: From the Chihuahua to the bulldog, man’s best friend is just one species – Canis familiaris
  • History’s most gruesome inventions: From brutal torture devices to bizarre medical treatments, these terrifying contraptions reveal a darker side of innovation
History's most gruesome inventions

History’s most gruesome inventions

  • Fuel of the future: How will we power our vehicles when we exhaust Earth’s oil supplies?
  • Mercedes F1 W06 hybrid: Winning almost every race, Mercedes’ 2015 Formula One car owed much of its success to ingenious engineering
  • Global Eye: Check out the future of personal submarines and explore a psychedelic Pluto
  • Book reviews: Our verdict on the latest science reads
  • How To: Learn how to build a spectroscope and make a foldable egg
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including can you blow bubbles in space? And why do dogs tilt their heads?
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works issue 81 The story of humans

How It Works issue 81
The story of humans