How It Works issue 12 on sale today

As you can tell from our creature-encrusted cover, this issue is definitely one for animal lovers. Not only is our four-page cover feature all about how the world’s fastest beasts are anatomically built for speed, but also there’s a menagerie of other animals, including the mysterious platypus and the deadly pufferfish.

And if you’re not so keen on all creatures great and small, we of course have something for everyone else too. Technology buffs will enjoy our big Google feature that gives the lowdown on how search engines work. You know you’ve always meant to ask.

And for those looking to expand their scientific knowledge, we have a great guide to nuclear radiation – the science that can kill or cure. Now, although this is a subject that often puts people off because they think it sounds too complicated, with the help of the How It Works experts you’ll grasp the subject in no time.

Other bumper features include a guide to the solar-powered vehicles looking to circumnavigate the globe and a fascinating look at the space junk orbiting Earth and further afield – including astronaut clothing, cameras, satellite parts, and even Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s ashes.

We also have some awesome double-page spreads telling you all you need to know about the water cycle, what’s inside the new Xbox 360 S, what happens during pregnancy, how camera lenses work, what’s inside a Greek temple, a guide to Saturn, and what is the fastest speedboat? And we also have a great cutaway that explores inside Concorde the only supersonic passenger jet in history.

Among the more bite-sized fare this issue are how Wi-Fi works, what do our ear drums do, how does central heating work, what is Halley’s comet, how does a Tesla coil work, what do side-impact protection bars do and how does laser eye surgery fix our corneas?

So don’t miss out, get your copy of How It Works issue 12, available in all good newsagents and supermarkets. And if you want to enjoy the magazine on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, simply visit the Apple App Store and search for How It Works, then download it for just £1.79. Check it out today!