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Looking forward to a bright new world in 2021? In this issue of How It Works magazine, we’re looking ahead to the hottest developments in science and technology, including: the launch of NASA’s JWST – the deepest-looking space telescope ever, a man-made meteor shower, robots at the Summer Olympics, and a rare emergence of cicadas, millions-strong as Brood X hatches. Also this issue: why soap’s better than hand sanitiser, the solar system’s weirdest moons, the mystery of ball lightning, how the coronavirus vaccine works, and more. Plus: grab 2 posters and 2 How It Works specials worth £20, for free!

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Weird moons 

Fire and ice, strange shapes and weird behaviour: these natural satellites are an odd bunch 

Sea monsters 

Discover the deadliest predators in the ocean and what makes them such effective hunters 

How the slave trade ended

What made the British Empire stop this barbaric practice 

The Power of Soap 

When humanity invented soap, it changed the world 

The deepest holes in the world 

Explore the depths we’ve reached in the name of science, mining and exploration 

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