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Radiation is all around us all the time, and some of it is the kind of stuff that smashes into our DNA and damages it. But don’t worry – it’s rarely present in sufficient doses to do us any harm in our day-to-day lives. In fact, we’ve developed technologies that can harness damaging X-rays and other forms of ionising radiation for the good of humankind. In this issue of How It Works, we explore the deadly yet fascinating extreme end of the electromagnetic spectrum, home to invisible alpha, beta, gamma and neutron rays. Discover both natural and human-made sources of radiation, and how we can detect and protect ourselves from it. Plus, two free How It Works specials worth £25 for every reader.


Next-gen Concorde

We haven’t seen the last of this iconic aircraft. Could supersonic passenger jets fly again? 

Supersonic space parachutes

How space missions push parachute technology to its limits    

Inside the toxic cloud

We’re being poisoned by our cities: how smog forms and what we can do about it

Extreme temperatures  

How both hot and cold make materials do weird and fascinating things 

Cold warfare 

Why soldiers had more to worry about than human enemies on these chilly battlefields 

Billionaires’ home technology 

Peek inside the houses of some of the world’s richest to discover incredible robots, smart security and entrainment systems 

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