How It Works issue 150 is now on sale!

Discover how the end of the dinosaurs was just one of five global extinction events that saw millions of species die – and how we can pull the planet back from the sixth mass extinction. Also this issue: meet the new Mars rover, how the human ear works, what makes food go bad, weird Aussie animals, hydrocar power, ghost towns, and much more. Plus, grab yourself three free How It Works Bookazine specials, digital posters and wallpapers worth over £30, for every reader.



Amazing weird Aussie animals 

What makes these species from Down Under so different from others all over the world?

Ghost towns 

Natural disasters, war and even radiation caused these settlements to be abandoned  

Mars 2020

Discover NASA’s most impressive tech to date: a Martian rover and helicopter

When food goes bad

What makes your oranges go green, your milk turn clumpy and meat smell awful?

Saviours of the sea 

See inside a salvage vessel and discover how it recovers ships and cleans up the sea

Smarter kitchens

How modern kitchen tech lets you cook dinner at home without even being in the same country

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