How It Works Issue 16 On Sale Now

We’ve lovingly listed the highlights of this month’s edition of How It Works, which goes on sale today

This month we bring you everything you want to know about how diets work, and why most don’t. Discover which is the planet’s most deadly reptile. Find out how that great new Christmas present works with our 3D cameras feature looking at the tech at the heart of Fujifilm’s excellent FinePix Real 3D W3. Check out the world’s fastest hypersonic planes pushing Mach 9.8. Also this issue, we interview the bug-hunting legend that is George McGavin.

Plus: atoms, toothpaste, hormones, artificial hips, Hawk Eye referree technology, circular saws, Nintendo DSi XL, rip currents, the rock cycle, space tourism, bug vision, can openers, strokes, Hale Bopp, galaxy collisions, bike brakes, astronaut food, on board the Skylab space station, autopilot, automatic windscreen wipers, Tower Bridge, Medieval dentistry, sea mines and loads more besides…

And all this inside your copy of How It Works issue 16, available in all good newsagents and supermarkets. And if you want to enjoy the magazine on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, simply visit the Apple App Store and search for How It Works, then download it for just £1.79. Check it out today!