How to became a back garden eco-warrior

Believe it or not, you can help save the planet without leaving your own home

Leading scientists, environmentalists and governments the world over are trying to save the Earth from a horrifying future, a future without orangutans swinging through the rainforest or Amur leopards padding across the snowy Russian mountains. The thought of losing our gorillas, sea turtles and rhinos is truly terrifying, but if you think that saving our planet is a job for hugely influential individuals, then it’s time to think again, because pint-sized eco-warriors the world over are beginning to make a difference… and so could you.

While people tend to think of large animals needing our help, we should also consider the under-appreciated insects that break down and dispose of the world’s waste. They pollinate our

plants, keep pests in check and provide us with extremely useful products such as beeswax and silk. Sadly, the vast majority of species teetering on the verge of extinction are insects. Birds too, once considered commonplace, are in rapid decline and hurtling towards extinction. It’s high time to act.

This article was originally published in How It Works issue 136, written by Joanna Elphick

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