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Video: How to destroy Earth

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  • Ghost

    Well It’s at least good to know that if there is a giant astroid on the way to blow us all up we can at least see a giant shadow that comes out of nowhere so we can have a chance to crap ourselves!

    • I think the shadow was supposed to be coming from the sun… But yes, I think you may have to occasionally suspend belief in this video, I’m not sure we would all meet our doom while hearing Pink Floyd either!

  • Louise

    I love how Australia comes out ok in this particular instance, relatively of course. Typical. They beat us at everything. We can’t win at cricket or rugby and when an asteroid hits, they get off lightly.
    (No, not really, i know)

    • I know, its ridiculous. There probably isn’t much of a temperature change for them either as the fire engulfs the Earth.