Issue two of How It Works out now!

How It Works issue two

In this issue:


* How lions survive – How a pride of lions live, hunt and survive
* The rat-eating carnivorous plant – it’s an evolutionary freak


* How railguns work – electrically powered cannons
* Noise-canceling headphones – a new and expensive way to listen to music


* Jetpacks – a new way to commute?
* The world’s largest car crusher – it can devour 400 cars an hour!


* The real CSI – the science that catches criminals revealed
* How batteries work – it’s all about juice


* Mission to Mars – a look at past, present and future missions to Mars
* How rockets work – every action has an equal and opposite reaction


* Pyramid construction explained – does a French architect hold the key to their mysterious construction techniques?
* The first computer – the Difference Engine explained