Journey into the wilderness with the How It Works Book Of Extreme Survival

If you ever find yourself lost in the jungle, stranded up an icy mountain or wandering around the desert, then the How It Works Book Of Extreme Survival could just save your life. Packed full of the essential skills you’ll need to journey into the wilderness and get out again alive, this special digital edition features expert tips and step-by-step guides for surviving extreme Earth.

Also inside:

Beat the freeze
How to stay alive when you’re freezing to death

Get out alive
Uncover the dangers lurking in the jungle

How to avoid man-eating predators

How to avoid man-eating jungle predators

Escape scorching heat
Survive the extreme temperatures of the desert

Battle life-threatening altitude
How to cross the world’s most treacherous terrain

Ben Fogle vs Mother Nature
The TV survivalist explains how he has survived ocean rows, desert marathons and polar expeditions

Survive a snakebite
Avoid hiss-teria with these top dos and don’ts should you get bitten…

Build a nuclear shelter
Build a safe haven to protect you from both the blast and the radioactive fallout

Survival essentials

Survival essentials

Your guide to survival
SAS veteran John Wiseman reveals how to take on the wilderness and win, with advice for building a fire, finding fresh water and signalling for help

The How It Works Book of Extreme Survival is available now. Simply download the free How It Works app onto your iOS device and find this special edition within it. Whilst you’re there, you can also find our book of amazing inventionsguide to the galaxyearthquakes edition, and book of the senses.

How It Works Book Of Extreme Survival

How It Works Book Of Extreme Survival