Longest rivers in the world

5. Yenisey-Angara

Length: 5,539km (3,442mi)

The Yenisey in central Russia is Earth’s seventh longest river, depending on where you start measuring. The river’s tributaries arguably flow through Lake Baikal – Earth’s deepest freshwater lake.

4. Mississippi-Missouri

Length: 3,782km (2,350mi)

The Mississippi and its tributaries are Earth’s fourth longest river system. The Mississippi basin covers more than 32% of the US’s land area and produces perhaps 92% of its agricultural exports.

3. Yangtze

Length: 6,300km (3,915mi)

Asia’s longest river and Earth’s third longest. China’s Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectricity project, dams the Yangtze behind a wall stretching 1.983km (1.24mi).

2. Nile

Length: 6,695km (4,160 mi)

The Nile is neck-and-neck with the Amazon for the title of world’s longest river and is typically considered the winner. It has two main tributaries: the White and Blue Nile.

1. Amazon

Length: 6,800km (4,225mi)

The Amazon is the biggest river in the world by flow, and arguably Earth’s longest river. Its more than 10,000 tributaries drain the Earth’s largest river basin.

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