Mars Curiosity Rover: What is this mysterious object found on the Red Planet?

We are all fascinated by the search for alien life. A number of scientists became particularly excited when this image was received from the Mars Curiosity Rover, which seems to depict a small object that many think is a crashed spacecraft. Some UFO enthusiasts have compared this to the Imperial Star Destroyers seen in Star Wars, but as this is the only image of the object released so far, NASA have yet to comment on what they think it might be. It’s more than likely that this is just an abnormally shaped rock formation, but it has nevertheless sparked the excitement of many UFO fanatics around the world.


It has been likened to a Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise, but unlike the film’s spacecraft that were a few kilometres long, this object measures roughly 3 metres in length.


When it’s not looking for signs of life on Mars, the Curiosity Rover has been taking some less important, but still impressive pictures of itself. It captured this image just before beginning its ascent of a nearby mountainous region. These images are only possible thanks to the superb Mars Hand Lens Imager (MHLI).


It seems that the selfie phenomenon is not restricted to Earth; the Mars Curiosity Rover is also getting in on the act off-planet.


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