Meet the real-life Jungle Book stars in How It Works Issue 84

Rudyard Kipling’s literary masterpiece The Jungle Book was first published in 1894. Since then the story of the man-cub Mowgli, raised by wolves and on the run from the man-eating tiger Shere Khan, has become a classic tale, immortalised in animation by Walt Disney himself in 1967. Now the much-loved story has received a Hollywood revamp, with incredible CGI animals and a star-studded cast bringing characters such as Bagheera the black leopard and Baloo the sloth bear to life. But movie glamour aside, what is life really like in the jungle? How close are the similarities to the film and where do the real animals live? In Issue 84 we take a look at the real jungle beasts that are every bit as dramatic as Disney’s new blockbuster.

Also in this issue:

  • A day in the life of a motion capture animator
  • Predicting the weather: The methods that help us prepare for the elements
  • Everyday science: The science behind life’s little mysteries
  • 10 superfood myths busted: The truth behind the headlines
  • 60 second science: How light travels
  • How knives cut: The science behind chopping up food
  • Miniature worlds: What can enclosed ecosystems teach us?
  • Virtual reality: Discover how VR is set to change the world
How It Works Issue 84 - Virtual Reality

How It Works Issue 84 – Virtual Reality

  • How barcode scanners work: The tech behind the beep
  • Washing machines: The inner workings of this trusty home appliance
  • How to build a plane: From concept to check-in, how do passenger jets take to the skies?
  • The world’s largest ship: Facts about Maersk’s Triple E
  • Car air con explained: The clever engineering that keeps you cool behind the wheel
  • Cut-throat pirates: The true story behind history’s bloodthirsty buccaneers
How It Works Issue 84 - Cut-throat pirates

How It Works Issue 84 – Cut-throat pirates

  • Interview: Solar physicist & TV star Lucie Green explains the daring Solar Orbiter mission
  • How Earth got its core: The intense heat and pressure that formed our planet’s iron centre
  • Anatomy of a spacesuit: The incredible kit that helps astronauts survive in space
  • On board the Dream Chaser: NASA’s next generation space plane
  • Global Eye: Discover what the recent gravitational waves discover means for us, and the latest breakthrough in 3D printing body parts
  • Book reviews: Our verdict on the latest science reads
  • How To: Learn how to make a balloon-powered rocket car and how to create quicksand
  • Brain Dump: Your curious science questions answered, including why are cats afraid of water? And what is the best way to beat jet lag?
  • Competitions: Win a Scalextric set worth £200 and a stereo speaker system worth £149
  • Plus, much, much more!

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How It Works Issue 84 cover

How It Works Issue 84 cover