New high speed train network for the UK

The High Speed 1 (HS1) is a rail service connecting London to the Channel Tunnel. A similar service known as the High Speed 2 (HS2) is being planned for a 2032 completion date and will provide links between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Still in its planning stages, the HS2 is still waiting on approval to go ahead, with many aspects and agreements still to be decided. In the meantime, here’s are the train’s specifications which are really, really impressive.

·-The trains will be 400m (1312ft) long and made up of two 200m (656ft) units.

– The max speed will be a rapid 360km/h (223.694mph)

-There will be up to 1,100 seats per train.

-There will be two types of train. One limited to the HS2 route (which could potentially be double-decker), and one that would also operate beyond HS2 on the existing network. This is because HS2 is designed to a wider European loading gauge with different tunnel and platform sizes.

Take a look at the pics below to see prototypes of the stunning trains:

281_HS2_EXTERIOR_DESIGN_007f_cam09_FLARE 1920


HS2 London Euston station interior
All images credited to HS2 Ltd