The DeepFlight Dragon: Meet the new personal submarine you can buy

DeepFlight are well known for taking underwater travel to the next level, and their latest creation, the Dragon, is no exception.

The $1.5 million two-seat sub hovers and glides beneath the surface, cruising at 4 knots. It’s simple to operate, allowing you to drive it with ease through the boundless sea, with the freedom to chart your own course and explore parts of the ocean very few people have ever seen.


The Dragon is the ultimate boys toy; its sleek design and easy controls will appeal to the mega rich


The Dragon is powered solely by lithium electric batteries, which provide enough thrust to dive beneath the surface, without the need for ballast systems that many competing companies need to employ. It takes only two hours to charge the batteries, which will give you six hours of underwater exploration. The Dragon also benefits from fixed positive buoyancy, which ensures that it will always float back to the surface naturally, even if the power fails.

The Dragon’s four rotating engine pods mean its steering is similar to a quadcopter, just underwater rather than in the air. Measuring 5 metres long and 1.9 metres wide, the Dragon is very compact, and is able to fit on most large yachts without the need to change their structure. If you fancy a different colour or a snazzy interior, DeepFlight are more than happy to help, offering a fully customisable sub that you can tweak as you see fit.


This infographic from DeepFlight highlights some of the Dragon’s key features


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