Top Five Facts: World’s Busiest Airports


Since 1998, this US airport has officially been the world’s busiest. Boasting five runways, 199 gates and 58,000 employees, it served 89.33 million passengers in 2010.

Beijing Capital

Situated 32km (20mi) from Beijing city centre, this state-controlled airport has three runways and saw 73.9 million passengers pass through its gates in 2010.

O’Hare International

Named after the medal of honour-winning WWII navy pilot Edward O’Hare, its seven runways helped this airport become third busiest in 2010, with 68.7 million passengers.

Heathrow, London

Heathrow claims to be the world’s busiest airport, and in many ways it is, but it makes just fourth place here. Its total passenger count for 2010 was ‘only’ 65.9 million.

Tokyo International

Opened in 1931 and occupied by American forces in 1945, Haneda airport is one of two primary airports serving Tokyo. Renamed Tokyo International, it reached 64 million passengers in 2010.