The Starmus festival

Festival season is in full swing at the moment but are you tired of watching rock bands in the mud? Fancy a festival that focuses on astronomy (and a bit of music) instead? Starmus could be for you. Read on…

It’s only the second year for the Starmus conference on the island of Tenerife, but it’s rapidly making a name for itself as the Glastonbury of science festivals. Below is a list of the confirmed special guests and speakers:

Stephen Hawking
Richard Dawkins
Brian May
Alexi Leonov (the World’s first space walker)
Charles Duke (Apollo 16 astronaut and youngest person to set foot on the Moon)

The six-day festival, which is held from the 22 to 27 September will feature talks on everything from 3D space, carbon in outer space, alien life to space travel. As a special treat for you rock fans, it will end with a music concert from Brian May and former Yes Keyboardist Rick Wakeman.

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CREDIT NASA Duke_on_the_Craters_Edge_-_GPN-2000-001132
Image credit: NASA