The world’s weirdest weather explained in Issue 69 of How It Works

The wind, rain and sun we experience on a day-to-day basis may not be very exciting, but occasionally weather can deliver some rather strange surprises. From huge hailstones and dust storms, to double rainbows and firenadoes, in Issue 69 of How It Works we uncover the science behind these bizarre phenomena.

How It Works issue 069 The World's Weirdest Weather


Also inside…

  • Learn all about the incredible field of cryogenics. It’s not all about freezing dead people, extremely low temperatures can also help power rockets and treat sports injuries, as well as preserve and destroy cells.
  • Skyscrapers, stadiums and bridges all appear in our guide to the world’s most amazing structures, where we look at the fascinating technology used to construct bigger and better buildings.
  • We’ll also show you 10 of the most incredible vehicles around today. From spaceplanes and fighter jets, to electric cars and airships, take a look at the fastest, toughest and most innovative methods of transportation available.
  • Explore 5 of the strangest exoplanets every discovered in our Alien Earths feature, including the planet made of diamonds and the one that’s most like Earth.
  • Finally, any budding palaeontologists can learn exactly how fossils are uncovered as well as how they’re formed. We’ll even show you the tools of the trade and top fossil hunting hotspots to help get you started on your own digging adventure.
  • Plus, as February is the month of love, we also show you the chemical processes in your brain that make you fall head over heals for someone else!

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