Top 5 Facts: PC gaming

1. Indie

PC gaming sports the most vibrant indie games development community of any platform, with a host of innovative titles released each month through digital download services such as Steam.

2. Winning 

One of the most competitive and lucrative games in the world is the PC’s Starcraft II. Here, teams of gamers compete in international tournaments for figures north of $100,000.

3. Cheap

Games on PC have one of the lowest entry points of any platform, with even low-end desktops, laptops and netbooks capable of playing many console titles.

4. Evolution

Unlike consoles, gaming PCs can be continuously upgraded by switching components in and out. This allows them to evolve over many years and keep pace with graphical improvements in the latest titles.

5. Output

Today, modern gaming PCs sport graphics card capable of outputting over HDMi, allowing users to hook their machines’ up to large television screens, rather than just a desktop monitor.