Top 5 Facts: Celtic trivia


1 European roots – Over time the Celts expanded out of their core homeland in central Europe. Many rich grave finds have been unearthed in this region – particularly in Austria.

2 Celts at their peak – Celtic expansion is believed to have reached its pinnacle in the 3rd century BCE, with large parts of Spain, France and Britain colonised by various tribes and groups.

3 Celts in decline – These Celtic tribes were, in general, either defeated or absorbed with the expansion of the Roman Empire. A group of Celtic warriors did, however, sack Rome circa 390 BCE.

4 Heads-up – The Celts were notorious for headhunting, decapitating foes and, post embalming, storing them as trophies and status symbols. The head was thought to contain the soul.

5 Linguistic heritage – The language of the ancient Celts survives to this very day in the modern Celtic speakers of several areas, including Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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