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Top 5 Facts: Largest animals

African elephant, size: 5,400kg
The largest land animal currently living. Elephants are large enough to be safe from all predators but must spend 16 hours a day eating.

Polar bear, size: 600kg
The largest bear and the largest land carnivore, although it spends much of its time in the sea. Its bite can crush a seal skull.

Mountain gorilla, size: 200kg
The largest primate. Although they have powerful canine teeth, they are herbivores with a diet that includes celery, bamboo and stinging nettles.

Whale shark, size: 36,000 kg
The largest fish, whale sharks are filter feeders like the blue whale, but their food is even smaller than krill – microscopic plankton.

Blue whale, size: 180,000kg
The largest animal that has ever lived. Its upper lip bone is the largest bone in the animal kingdom ever discovered.

  • Nick F

    ‘We take a look at the five largest animals of all time’ Nope. Despite most of them apart from the whale being debatable, the fact the mountain gorilla at 200kg is obviously not one of the five largest animals of all time (what about other types of bear? elephant? or rhinos, hippos and countless others)

    • Apologies, we were referring merely to five of the largest animals of all time, not specifically the five largest.