Top 5 Facts: Smart TVs

1. Marketing – ‘Smart TV’ is a marketing term to loosely describe a television that connects to the web and sports modern features and functionality such as gesture control.

2. Perspective – Today’s top-end smart TVs output at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080px, which is considered hi-def. However, 4K televisions already exist that more than double this resolution.

3. Siri – One of the hottest rumours currently circulating is that iPhone manufacturer, Apple, is working on a smart TV of its own and intends to incorporate its Siri personal assistant software into it.

4. Convergence – The current shift towards smart TVs is led by the concept of technological convergence, a bringing together of technology found in computers, televisions and set-top boxes into a single unit.

5. Open source – All smart TVs come with their own operating system via which the unit’s apps and features may be run. These operating systems are mostly based on Linux or other Android variants.