Top 5 Facts: Cheetahs

The average weight of a cheetah is 125 pounds. This is actually a fraction of the weight of other big cats, with an average lion weighing more than 400 pounds.

All over Africa, Asia and India cheetah populations are in sharp decline. In 1990 there were roughly 100,000 individuals worldwide, now there are roughly 10,000.

Baby cheetahs are brought up solely by the female parent, who raises them in isolation from any male. It takes roughly 18 months for a cheetah cub to reach maturity.

Hakuna matata
Cheetah’s have a broad diet, ranging from antelope to springhare and game birds. However, one of their most common food supplies is the slow and fat warthog.

Cheetahs tend to favour vast expanses of land where prey is abundant and easy to spot. However, cheetahs can be found in variety of habitats including grasslands.