Top 5 Facts: Cuttlefish

Eye see you

Cuttlefish can add a pair of eye spots to the back of their body, fooling predators into thinking they are being watched.

Doctor Who?

Cuttlefish have three separate hearts. One controls the pumping of the blood around the body, and the other two each serve a separate gill. Doctor Who had a measly two.

He said she said

Amazingly, the cuttlefish can adopt male and female colouration on separate sides of its body. This allows one to trick a male and female pair who may be guarding eggs.

Ink defense

They can also spray ink to confuse predators and make their escape. The ink is ejected as a cloud, allowing the cuttlefish to get away.

Look into my eyes

If you thought these molluscs couldn’t get any more incredible, think again. Using their camouflage technique to alter the appearance of their body, they can stun their prey before striking.