Top 5 Facts: Hypercars

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McLaren F1 – 240mph/627hp

To protect the carbon fibre body of the McLaren F1, the engine bay is actually lined in gold foil, as it’s the best reflector of heat.

Ferrari F40 – 200mph/471hp

This Eighties supercar remains a legend over 20 years since its launch. The F40 held the road car world top speed record between 1987-1989.

AC Cobra – 186mph/485hp

Legend has it, the AC achieved this serious speed in 1964 – on the M1 motorway. It’s said that this led to the introduction of UK speed limits.

Koenigsegg CCR – 241mph/896hp

This Swedish supercar broke the production car world speed record set by the McLaren F1 thanks to a supercharged V8 engine.

Bloodhound SSC – 1,000mph/130,000hp

The jet-and-rocket engined land speed world record challenger is aiming for 1,000mph. Trial runs are due to begin next year.