Top 5 Facts: Tanks


Due to the prolificacy of the M1 Abrams – with the tank in service in Australia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the US – it is predicted to remain in service until 2050.


Tanks require engines capable of epic levels of horsepower. The M1 Abrams’ engine churns out over 1,500hp, exceeding the Bugatti Veyron, the world’s fastest car.


The largest tank never to be built was approved by Hitler in 1942 but later cancelled. The Monster was designed to use an 800mm Krupp cannon that could fire up to 23 miles away.


The word ‘tank’ reportedly stems from its development, with all but the highest-profile members of government told they were designing a mobile water tank, not a weapon.


Early commanders identified targets through a periscope and by opening the top hatch using binoculars. Modern tanks use light intensification and thermal imaging equipment.