How It Works

What on Earth is it?

This weekend we’re revealing some extraordinary visuals on How It Works Daily for you guys to identify. Take a look at the picture below and send in your suggestion for what you think it is. Is it of this world, did it originate from another planet, is there one in your back yard? Our favourite – and of course correct – answers will appear in next month’s How It Works together with details about the object. So go on, amaze us with your educated guesswork or crack us up with your imaginative guesses. The funnier the better, it’s the weekend after all.

What’s this strange looking lifeform? Don’t forget to check the next edition of How It Works magazine to find out what it is and get more expert info about the image.

  • bob

    I think is a pipefish swimming / hiding in weed

  • Graham l

    No, I know what it is. Its the first alien to appear in HIW, probably called something like quelsaba!!!

  • Roberts Kovalonoks

    I say it is Long-snouted pipefish (Doryichthys boaja)….am I wrong?…it swims head down beetween seaweeds.

  • sw

    Is it some kind of cable???

  • isaac

    some sort of squid hiding in the weeds

  • Sai Mun Wan

    Is that me sleep swimming?