Where are the deepest London Underground station platforms?

At 58.5 metres (192 feet) the platforms at Hampstead station (opened 22 June 1907) are the deepest of all the London Underground stations. Hampstead also has the deepest lift shaft on the system at 55.2 metres (181 feet); that’s just 1.2 metres (four feet) less than the height of Nelson’s Column! On 11 April 1954, two new high-speed lifts, which travelled the 55-metre (181-foot) journey in 18 seconds (almost four times as fast as the 1907 lifts they replaced), came into service. They were then the fastest lifts anywhere in the UK.

Not surprisingly the station also has the longest spiral staircase on the system, with a total 310 steps. A notice advises passengers not to use them.

Answered by Caroline Warhurst, London Transport Museum.