Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area in the Atlantic Ocean off south-east USA. The three corners are Bermuda, Miami, FL, and San Juan in Puerto Rico, an area covering about 1.3 million square kilometres (500,000 square miles).
Many theories exist for the disappearance of perhaps 2,000 vessels and 75 aircraft in the region. Among the most far-fetched are alien abductions, sea monsters or energy rays from the lost city of Atlantis. But it’s likely the Bermuda Triangle is a modern myth. Marine insurer Lloyd’s of London reports ships are no more likely to disappear in the area than anywhere else, and doesn’t charge extra for passing through.
The myth emerged when a US Navy Avengers flight vanished without trace in 1945 after the pilot reported bizarre compass readings. A magazine article in 1964 about the doomed flight coined the name ‘Bermuda Triangle’, and it stuck.
Investigators have blamed pilot errors, malfunctioning heaters or compasses, treacherous reefs and bad weather on some high-profile disappearances. Any wreckage or bodies could have sunk without trace because the triangle contains some of our planet’s deepest ocean.