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Which are smarter: cats or dogs?

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There’s really not much in it. The ratio of brain to body size is slightly higher for dogs than cats, which may be because dogs are a social species and have evolved some extra brain to handle more complex communication and interaction. But cats have almost twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortex, the area involved in memory, attention and perception. Cats are harder to train, and won’t fetch things or guard their owner. But does that mean dogs are smarter, or cats are?

Answered by Luis Villazon

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  • Elizabeth

    Some dreams i had when i was very small,some were even vision i seen but i still can remember them like i had them the night before

    • george

      um, try and use English m8 its like your in the head or something, but like its fine

  • sonnyboy1

    Cat’s don’t fetch things? Maybe not shoes or newspapers, but when it comes to spongy balls, my cats do fetch and bring it back to me.